Dinner Party

Morning fellow food lovers. Last night a few close friends who I¬†haven’t¬†seen in years came over for a vegan dinner party ūüôā Here is what was on the menu: Appetizers Almond Red Pepper Kale Chips Tomato and Pepper Tortilla Chips Blue Corn Tortilla Chips Main Course Spiralized Veggie Salad with Vegan Honey Mustard Dressing Vegan … Continue reading

Long Time No See

Hi everyone. Truly sorry for the posting¬†hiatus¬†but school has been occupying a¬†significant¬†amount of my time. I have still been working with 80.10.10 and have been transitioning nicely. I can now easily go till 4-5pm eating nothing but fruits (usually 2500 calories from fruit from 5am to 5pm). That’s when I have been hitting cooked cravings … Continue reading