Home Sweet Home

Hi everyone. I hope you all are enjoying spring (or fall depending on your longitude and latitude) :). As I’ve mentioned before, I am moving at the end of this month. I thought I’d share with you a few pictures of my community. Enjoy!


Hi everyone! Happy October. Wow did this month come fast! I hope you all are enjoying the lovely fall Canadian weather! I went for a 11.5 km trail run a few weeks ago and the colors of the leaves were spectacular! Really makes you appreciate life and nature. Canadian thanksgiving was October 8th. This year was my first year … Continue reading

Long Time No See

Hi everyone. Truly sorry for the posting hiatus but school has been occupying a significant amount of my time. I have still been working with 80.10.10 and have been transitioning nicely. I can now easily go till 4-5pm eating nothing but fruits (usually 2500 calories from fruit from 5am to 5pm). That’s when I have been hitting cooked cravings … Continue reading