Hello everyone and welcome to Sweet Smart Sexy Vegan. My name is Laura. I am a 20 something year old who has been a vegetarian since January 2006, and a vegan since December 2011. I decided to make the change from eating meat to eliminating it from my diet at the young age of 14. I chose to do this as part of a rebound from a major weight loss. I was 185lbs and went down to 118lbs in the period of a year. I did so though exercise and caloric restriction. Being young and uneducated, I was unaware of how impossible that life style was to maintain. Transferring to a vegetarian lifestyle helped me keep my athleticism and maintain a healthy body weight.

 I decided to make the transition from vegetarian to vegan in December of 2010 after my father suffered from a minor heart attack. He and I both went vegan after reading “The China Study”. This book changed my out look on life and how important nutrition is to our health. I say nutrition because I think people get so caught up in calorie counting that they overlook the fact that fruits and vegetables provide the body with so much more then just energy but vitamins, minerals and enzymes were as cookies, cakes and doughnuts do nothing for your body accept provide a concentrated amount of energy to ones system.  The more nutrient dense our diets become, the healthier we are. That is what I now strive for.

I am working slowly towards making my diet as nutrient dense as possible while still eating delicious food. This is where my blog comes into play. As I work my way though my transition to seeing food as more then just something to eat, I will blog about it (and the recipes of course).

 As far as exercise is concerned, I love it! I do it regardless of the body image benefits.  I am a major boot camp junkie. I also compete in triathlons during the summer months, indulge in hot yoga during our cool Canadian winters, and have a passion for running.

 I hope when writing this blog, I can look back and see how far I have come in my goals and find a deeper appreciation for my life and all the wonderful things in it.

Please enjoy !



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