Beetz and Berries

Happy Friday everyone!

I have some super exciting news to share with you all. Sweet Smart Sexy Vegan is going to the second annual Vida Vegan Con Vegan Blog conference in Portland, Oregon!!! This is a three day workshop were some of the top names in vegan blogging will be teaching, cooking and inspiring us new bloggers on how to make out blogs more exciting and eye catching for you, our readers!

I can’t wait to try so much awesome vegan food and get advice from the pros! If your interested in this conference, visit:

In addition to my trip to Portland, I am also heading to Santa Monica California for a week of raw food, rollerblading and surfing! I’ll try my best to photograph everything and let you know how the trip goes. If any of you has been to Santa Monica before and has some great vegan/raw restaurant suggestions, please comment below!

Onto today’s skin brightening, energy boosting recipe. I decided for a post workout lunch to make Choosing Raw’s Beet and Berry Smoothie. It turned out absolutely delicious and highly recommend making it yourself. Click the link below to get the recipe 🙂





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