Restaurant Review – Cafe Myhouse – Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Hi all.

So I’m officially  moved back and am slowly adjusting to me new home here in the Canadian Prairies. I attended a vegan meet up here in the city last week and met almost 20 like minded people who were interested in vegan, were vegetarian, vegan and raw. It was so nice to see that I’m not the only plant based eater in Edmonton.  One of the biggest struggles I have encountered in my 2.5 years of being vegan  is not having access to a vegan community. My friends and family have been so supportive from day one and have always been open to me hosting vegan dinners and going to vegan restaurants which a I greatly appreciate; however being able to talk about the lifestyle and experiences encountered being vegan with people that are like-minded is a nice treat 🙂 So for any of you reading this that are wanting to be vegan or are already there, I highly suggest looking for a vegan meet-up in your area 🙂  Check out

Now onto the restaurant review.

Cafe Myhouse is a little vegan restaurant located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  The restaurant serves brunch and dinner menus with an impressive variety of unique vegan and raw dishes that avoid soy products and use organic local produce whenever possible. They also make amazing smoothies and desserts. The best part about this restaurant is that they are the most economical vegan restaurant in the city!!!!!

My favorite dishes are the Vegan Benedict (had it about 20 times) and the Omega 3 Earl Grey Caramel Salted Waffles. Check them out if your ever in Ottawa!



Popeye’s Smoothie


Omega 3 Earl Grey Caramel Salted Waffles


Vegan Benedict


Brunch with friends ❤



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