Updates and Apologies

Good day everyone.

I would like to start off this blog post by firstly apologizing to all my readers for the lack of posts this year so far. As most of you know, I am in my final semester of my undergraduate degree in environmental engineering. This last semester has been jam packed not only with school work, but also with job hunting, resume boosting and saying goodbye to so many people I have come to love during my 4 years in Ottawa.  It has been a crazy experience, this degree, and as it comes to an end I am realizing that my time  is best spent laughing the days away with friends (oh and doing homework).

As May rolls in,  I will be moving across the country in search of a career and a new adventure. From now till then I will be busy writing exams, packing and saying goodbye to a city I have come to love. I am telling you all this in hopes that you will understand why I have not been blogging for a bit and why I may not post much till summer. You may be assured however that once I settle into my new home, plenty more delicious photos and recipes will appear 🙂

For a quick additional update, I spent reading week with my dad in the mountains. Below you will find photos from our fabulous trip.


Snowshoeing in the mountains. 300m ascent, never been walked on. 2 inches of fresh snow. Took us 3 separate trips of breaking trail to make it to the top!


Me trying to chop wood.


My dad 🙂


Our snowshoe trail.


Hiked up to see the view of gorgeous Lake Okanogan.

OK6Skiing in fresh snow.


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