Appreciation 101

Happy Halloween  everyone!

I hope you all have been enjoying the season of creepy critters. Next stop thanksgiving (if your american) then on to Christmas! How the time fly’s.

Although school has been outrageously busy, I have started a new routine that focuses on appreciation. Too many people tell me how fast life goes by and how they wish they had their youth back. This has got me thinking, I need to be more grateful for what I have every day and not let the little things in life get me down. I have made it my new goal to spend 5-10 minutes each night before bed to sit and write down all that I am grateful for. In doing so after writing each thought, reflect and truly feel the appreciation of what I wrote down. After reflecting on the things I appreciate that day, I have then begin to then reflect on two to three things in my life I wish to improve. I write those down as if they already happened (ex: instead of saying I want to run a kilometer in under 5 minutes I’ll write I can’t believe I am running a kilometer in sub 5 minutes) After writing down each thing I wish to have I sit and reflect on the feeling of how having that happen in my life and how it will make me fell. So far (and I’ve only just begun) this has been an amazing daily exercise that has got me feeling like life is full of unlimited opportunities. The feeling of having a great life, appreciating a great life, and knowing it’s only going to get better is one that is priceless. I recommend everyone try doing this every day for one month and see how your perception of the world and your current state changes.

Now onto the good stuff…. FOOD! I’m going to be doing a tea segment for the next few posts. I went a little crazy at David’s Tea Shop today and can’t wait to try out various drinks using the loose tea I bought combined with almond milks, dates and more. I will post pictures and comments on the creations and hopefully it will inspire you all to try out some new drinks.

Until next time…….


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