Long Time No See

Hi everyone.

Truly sorry for the posting hiatus but school has been occupying a significant amount of my time. I have still been working with 80.10.10 and have been transitioning nicely. I can now easily go till 4-5pm eating nothing but fruits (usually 2500 calories from fruit from 5am to 5pm). That’s when I have been hitting cooked cravings some days and raw salads other days. I’m happy with the results I have been noticing (more energy, amazing sleep, mental clarity) but am still dealing with having upset stomachs. I think a large part of this is due to poor food combining, excess salt and juicing (weird yes but I have read that juicing can cause stomach pains due to its high concentration). I have been keeping a journal of how I feel and will continue to keep you all updated on how my transition is going… it just may not be as frequent as this summer.

Oh one other thing that happened during my holiday from blogging was that I pulled a 737 Air Canada Plane! Well me and 19 of my closest engineering friends. The weight of the plane was 145 tonnes. The event was a competition to see which team could pull the plane 12ft the fastest. All proceeds went to The Sens Charity. My team was C-ENG (Carleton Engineers) and we pulled 12 ft in 6.06 seconds! It was a lot of work and a lot of fun! Check out the photos below:






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