Body Rejecting Processed Foods

Ok… so I’m learning how to eat raw and some days it can be tough. Really tough. I have 4 roommates who eat a standard american diet and the smells of cooked food is something I cannot escape. That’s fine for the most part but this morning, the smell of toast and hash browns was too much to handle. I managed to eat 3/4 of a watermelon and stay full till 1pm. Then a craving for a sandwich with vegan cheese,  textured vegan protein and vegannaise were calling my name.  I couldn’t refuse, I had to make this sandwich! I added some sliced tomatoes and kale to the bread and toasted the sandwich in a panini press. It looked so good. Normally I would eat this once or twice a week and love it.  I took my first bite and was SHOCKED. YUCK! My taste buds were screaming. I took another bite just for good measure and the same thing happened…. YUCK! I throughout the sandwich and then started to feel like vomiting from the taste. Wow! I would have never thought my body would reject processed food only after starting to go raw. 

After letting my stomach settle, I got another craving, only this time for a large glass of freshly juiced apples with kale and lemon. Yum! I’m currently sipping it and loving how delicious it tastes. No processed food in me 🙂

Things to learn from this experience: Remember how awful the processed food tasted so next time a craving hits I have enough sense to squash it with a large helping of fruit!

Apple Kale Juice

Makes: 1 L Prep-Time: depends on juicer (5-12 minutes)


  • 10 apples
  • 1 cup kale
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 celery stalk
  • 1/4 cucumber
  1. Cut everything into chunks to feed into your juicer.
  2. Juice.
  3. Serve with ice.


5 thoughts on “Body Rejecting Processed Foods

  1. Even though I eat pretty much a standard diet, I’ve started to avoid the really greasy foods (pizza) and the really sugary foods (everything I ate in first year) just because they make me feel lazy and distracted, and I ain’t got time to be lazy and distracted!

  2. I had a weak moment on Monday. We went to Whole Foods and I was hungry. The smell of cooked food filled the air, and all of a sudden I was craving things I haven’t craved in FOREVER! And then Jef bought my oldtime favorite vegan chocolate chip cookies.. I couldn’t resist! I had one and a half cookies, and you know what? They didn’t taste as good as I remembered them tasting! It wasn’t even worth it!
    So yeah, it’s a learning process. I learned first and foremost NOT to go to the grocery store feeling hungry, and secondly (like you) to remember that my taste buds have changed, and the things I used to find delicious probably won’t be, so it’s not worth it!

  3. I still have cravings and have been raw for awhile. I actually get physically ill when I eat cooked food, or worse, I get a migraine. You would think those facts alone would stop me from deviating from a raw diet, but sometimes I just have to give in. 🙂

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