Off to Banana Island

Morning everyone and welcome to another beautiful Saturday. My “a” key on my key board is sticking so if there are words missing “a’s” in them I do apologize.

So today is day 1 of banana Island. Let me explain a bit more. Banana Island is a 30 day “diet” consisting of High Carb Low Fat Raw vegan foods; mainly fruits and vegetables with some nuts and seeds.

  • You should aim for 80% + of your daily calories to come from carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables, <10% of your daily calories to come from fats in nuts, seeds, and coverts and <10% of your daily calories to come from proteins found in fruits and green vegetables.
  • Obviously 100% vegan.
  • You eat as much fruits and vegetables as you like. NO RESTRICTIONS.
  • You should eat a minimum of 2500 calories a day (coming from raw fruits and vegetables and some nuts and seeds).
  • You should drink 2+L of water a day.
  • You should get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.
  • You should be physically active (walking is fine) for 30 minutes a day or more.
  • You should strive to eat mono-meals (only one food suck as bananas) as much as possible.

It sounds extreme but I love fruit and love eating as much as I want so I think I will enjoy this month. My goals are as follows:

  1. To each this way for the next 30 days.
  2. To trust the process and stick with it during tough times
  3. To be particularly mindful of the <10% fat consumption rule.

What I hope to gain from this experience:

  1. More energy
  2. Less bloating and stomach discomfort after meals
  3. Reduction in size of my body

I think I will have bumps in the road, but I have  very supportive partner, supportive parents and have joined 30banana’s  a day ( why is a site that has motivational videos and forums that support this lifestyle.

The plan is to give this an honest effort and TRY IT OUT. See what happens. Cooked vegan food will always be there at the end of the month.

One week of apples for me 🙂 19 + 2 more that I ate while taking pictures. Don’t they look so pretty? Apple season is coming up and I suspect a lot of apple lemonades will be made as a result of the abundance.


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