Stubling Through 80/10/10

Good morning everyone.

You may have noticed that I have added a new category in this blog called 80/10/10. Today I am here to shed some light on this new way of eating.

80/10/10 is a way of eating that is pretty much high carb low fat raw vegan eating. 80% of ones daily intake should come from carbohydrates in raw fruits, 10% from protein in raw green vegetables and 10% from fat in raw nuts and seeds.

The theory behind this way of eating goes back to our ancestors way of eating. Our diets 10,000 years ago pretty much consisted of fruits with minimal consumption of plants (because we actually don’t have as much enzyme as we need to digest green leafy vegetables) and minimal consumption of fats from nuts and seeds.

I am not at all an expert on this and do not claim to be. The logic behind this eating style is all explained by Dr. Douglas N. Graham in his book “The 80/10/10 diet”.

This book intrigued me because I love love love fruit and have always shyed away from eating too much of it because it has lots of carbs and sugars.

I am currently half way through the book and like where it is going. However, I decided last week to plunge into this fully raw way of eating. I have now realized that I did so  WAY TOO FAST!

The last two days from 5am-5pm I have done great, but once evening hits, I am starving and over eating on cooked vegan foods.

I think raw eating is the answer to the fountain of youth. However for me it is going to take a long time to get there! I need to condition my body and slowly transition. As much as I want to dive in I am realizing that I need to do this in baby steps.

It took me 5 1/2 years to go from vegetarian to vegan… it is going to take time to go from vegan to raw. If I can eat one meal a day that is fruits and snack only on fruits for the next year I will feel like I am getting somewhere. 

I do encourage everyone to read the book and then make their opinions on 80/10/10. Knowledge is power, agreeing or disagreeing with it is up to you!


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