Holding Back… Not Any More!

It’s funny, we all know the brain controls everything in the body, physically AND mentally, yet when ever someone tries something new; something out of their comfort zone, they become scared and mentally don’t let go of that fear.

I believe anything in life can be accomplished only if your mind and body are on the same path. For years a person can eat well and excersie, yet never really change their body composition; assuming that is the goal. I beleive this is because deep down they are afraid of the changes that come with trying a bit harder. If mentally, your not prepared to eat until your content or stop yourself when you know enough is enough, you will never reach that body composition goal.

Same goes with running a race. You train by the book, eat well and sleep right, yet in the back of your mind you may not be prepared for finishing the race at the time you want. You may constantly think its too fast for you or your body wont be able to keep up. Having these thoughts fill your mind throughout training and race day will ultimately leave you with finishing slower then what you trained for. This is not because your body can’t do it, its because mentally you did not prepare throughout training for achieving your goal. You trained your body to hold back due to fear.

Beginning to see this pattern now may allow one to change habits and settle on in to mentally exercising for future goals while achieving them, without sabotage.


One thought on “Holding Back… Not Any More!

  1. You’re spot-on with recognizing that weight loss is as much a mental workout as it is a physical one! It’s easy for people to get caught up like the way you describe when making a new way of thinking–it’s because there are underlying needs that are being met by our dysfunctional behavior.

    If you’re interested in learning more about this kind of stuff (because I think it really is the key to keeping weight off long-term), I’d recommend you check out this video: http://bit.ly/MGFm2Z It explains our different needs and how we can replace our bad habits with healthier ones.

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