Experience at Simply Raw Express Ottawa ON

Morning everyone,

So yesterday evening I took a drive to check out the new vegan shop in Ottawa. The restaurant/Juice bar/ To-go shop is called Simply Raw. They offer a variety of in house made smoothies and bottled juices, raw and vegan take-out salads and raw desserts.

The location of the shop  is great, I liked how they offered seating out side so that you could watch traffic and people go by. I found however that the atmosphere inside was to bare bones; not enough uniqueness and culture of raw.

As far a food and drinks are concerned I sampled two of their smoothies; My Thai (mangos, cilantro, cucumber, coconut oil, maple syrup/agave) and Pineapple Mint (pineapple, banana, fresh mint, romain lettuce, maple syrup/agave)

I also purchased two lunch meals; Rice Paper Wraps with a spicy almond sauce and Nori Wraps. The rice paper wraps where good, nothing that I couldn’t make on my own though. The almond sauce however was to die for. I will be experimenting with my own version shortly. The nori wraps will be for today’s lunch, I’ll keep you posted.

Over all I think the shop has a lot of potential especially since, I feel, vegan and raw food are the next big thing in the take-out/ restaurant business. They have only been open for 6 weeks so give it some time for the shop to mature.

I would defiantly recommend this store to anyone coming to Ottawa who wants to have a raw lunch to go. Here is a link to there web site (http://simplyrawexpress.com/)


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