Green Smoothies and Becoming Enlightened

Good Morning everyone,

This week has been going very well as far as raw food is concerned. I have been transitioning my breakfasts to be green smoothies vs. granola or grains. I have also been letting go of my coffee addiction. Realizing that consuming caffeine  hurts my adrenal glands has enlightened me to cut back and in turn begin to heal them. I had a Tall Americano Mon-Wed which is less then the Grande Americano’s that I have been consuming on a daily basis for over a year. This morning I opted for a green tea from Bridgehead (a local coffee shop). We will see how the day plays out without my usual coffee kick.

One thing I would like to note is that I have not had a single cooked meal this week. I have had nut butters that have come from roasted nuts and a tbsp of vegannaise and a few other minor cooked additions to meals but I would say overall since Monday I have been 80% raw.

I did however get food poisoning or heat stroke on Monday night. I went to bed at 6:30pm and skipped Tuesday morning Kettle Bell training. Tuesday all day my stomache felt queezy but by Tuesday night I had an appitite again. I hope it was food poisoning or heat stroke and not the fact that I am going raw. Either way my body since then has been feeling good and my energy levels are sort of increase (as compared to last week).

I think after a month or two (August 2012) I will have a better idea of how raw food is affecting my energy levels and gratitude.



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